Company Policy


HMS Equip commits to developing and improving its integrated management system, which includes quality management.

HMS Equip aims to satisfy client requirements regarding contractual compliance, timely execution and cooperative management and aims to achieve defect-free works.

HMS Equip sets measurable objectives for quality performance. There is ongoing reviews of the management system, company objectives and project performance.

HMS Equip commits to embracing new technology, encouraging, implementing new ideas and providing high quality resources and expertise to our national operations.


HMS Equip has a focus to conduct business in a manner that is safe and complies with all heavy earthmoving procedures.

HMS recognises that the health, safety and welfare of the people we engage are of paramount importance to the company. Management is responsible for taking all reasonable and practical action to achieve and maintain standards that safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all at work.

HMS believes that all our people have no more an important duty or responsibility then to ensure their work is carried out safely and that their acts or commissions do not affect the health and safety of others.

HMS acknowledges that many of our tasks are regarded as high risk activities. HMS aims to strengthen the commitment to our people to continuously improve the conditions of work and eliminate work related injuries and illness.


HMS has a focus to conduct business in a manner that is safe and respects the environment and to deliver superior outcomes in the Earthmoving/On highway truck repair sector.

HMS undertakes its business in full compliance with statutory and contractual requirements.

HMS continually aims to minimise environmental harm, improve environmental management processes, protects the environment and prevent pollution.

HMS sets measurable objectives for environmental performance and reviews company and project performance.


HMS is a progressive company operating in the heavy diesel industry who repairs and services lead mining, quarry and construction companies. We are committed to do what is expected.


HMS is committed to fostering diversity within our employment community and affirms that the diversity of backgrounds, experience, opinions, perspectives, interests ad skills of our employees contribute to the life of HMS

We base all aspects of the employment relationship with HMS on the principle of equal opportunity objectives, ensure all employees are treated fairly, fully utilize and develop an employee’s potential, keep procedures consistent with guided principles and standards.


HMS is committed to effectively manage all matters involving industrial relations in a professional manner and in compliance with legislative requirements.

The company maintains its awareness of its obligations as an employer and operates within the various state and federal laws. HMS commits to comply with the laws across all of its operations, including those relating to wages and benefits and industry Act; 2012


HMS provides safe working conditions and promotes consistent and robust occupational health and safety practices. Effective work practices will be implemented to prevent physical abuse, threats of physical abuse, sexual harassment and intimidations.

This Employment Policy is championed at the senior management level, with a shared responsibility to achieve consistent implementations across our national operations.